Factory roof repair and rooflights in East Grinstead West Sussex
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Translucent rooflights and Roof Repair to a Factory in East Grinstead, West Sussex

In January and February 2021, we undertook a contract on a factory roof in East Grinstead, West Sussex.
Initially, the roof was cleaned down as it had large quantities of moss on it. The gutters were also cleaned out and the waste removed from the site.
We replaced 60 no. old translucent rooflights with new matching profile translucent roof sheets which increased natural daylight within the buildings as well as curing a number of leaks.
The old pipes that protruded through the roof were removed and new overlay sheets were fitted over the holes.
The old cement based front gutter was removed and a new aluminium eaves gutter fitted to a length of approximately 52 linear metres.
The flat roof over the offices wasn’t leaking but the protective coating in the gulley area had weathered away. We, therefore, coated the gulley area to extend the life expectancy of the roof.
Factory roof repair and roof lights in East Grinstead West Sussex

Factory rooflights in East Grinstead West Sussex

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