Paula Rosa Kitchens, West Sussex

Project Summary

SCS Roofing Services visited the site to survey an old asbestos cement roof with what was an existing client. The client had identified leaks in various areas throughout the building. The roof covering was reaching the end of its life and the roof sheets were severely delaminated.

The existing translucent roof sheets had reached the end of their life and natural daylight transmission was severely reduced.

It was our opinion that the most cost-efficient and long-term solution to the current problem was to over-sheet the roof. Internal access was not available to install safety netting so the netting was laid on top of the existing roof to allow the works to be undertaken. The existing translucent sheets were replaced with matching profile GRP roof sheets. To improve the insulation within the building a fibreglass insulation quilt was laid over the existing roof.

A lightweight grid system was fixed to the existing steel purlins and Single skin profiled metal sheeting installed. The sheets were 0.7mm thick with a 0.2mm PVC Plastisol outer coating.

Translucent roof sheets were incorporated into the over sheeting above the replaced sheets in the existing roof. The oversheet was completed with all necessary steel flashing pieces in a colour chosen by the client.

SCS Roofing - Paula Rosa Kitchens