Guttering Contract to a Warehouse Roof in Southwick, West Sussex
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Guttering Contract to a Warehouse Roof in Southwick, West Sussex.

During November 2019, we undertook a guttering contract to a warehouse roof in Southwick, West Sussex.

The gutters were rusting and water was leaking in through the joints.

The gutter was cleaned, the fillers temporarily removed and a new Firestone Ultraply Membrane gutter liner was fitted complete with stop-ends and outlets to a total length of 23 linear metres (1 no. gutter).

New metal flashings were fitted the outside of the gutter. These helped to hold the liner in position as well as ensuring the top of the cladding was effectively sealed.

Warehouse Gutter and Roof Repair in Southwick, West Sussex.

Guttering Project to a Office Roof in Southwick, West Sussex.

Office Building Guttering Contract to a Roof in Southwick, West Sussex.


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