over-roofing to the hall roof at the Sea Cadets Crawley West Sussex
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Over Roofing to the Hall Roof at the Sea Cadets, Crawley, West Sussex

During May and June 2021, we carried out an over-roofing to the hall roof at the Sea Cadets, Crawley, West Sussex.

The original steel roof was leaking in a number of areas. Random repairs had been attempted by others but had not cured the leaks.

We, therefore, recommended an over-roofing system.

We removed 2 no. redundant pipes and covered over the holes.

We created a new larger capacity gutter and lined it with a new firestone gutter liner which went through the walls and into external hopper boxes.

The existing top skin of the rooflights was replaced with new rooflights.

The roof was covered with new insulation and new single skin plastisol coated steel sheeting.

New rooflights were fitted above the previously replaced rooflights.

The parapet walls were also covered with new plastisol coated steel flashings.

The first 4 no. pictures show the finished roof whilst the 5th picture shows the old roof before we started.


Over-Roofing to the Office Roof at Crawley West Sussex

Over Roofing to the hall roof at Crawley West Sussex

Over-roofing to a hall roof in Crawley West Sussex

Over Roofing to an Office Roof in Crawley West Sussex

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