Repair work to a Warehouse and Office roof in Hailsham East Sussex
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Repair work to a Warehouse and Office roof in Hailsham, East Sussex

During February 2021 we carried out some repair work to a warehouse and office roof in Golden Cross, Hailsham, East Sussex.

The steel valley gutter had been coated up in the past by others but was still leaking.

We fitted a new flexible Firestone gutter liner complete with new stop-ends and outlets to a total length of approximately 14 linear metres (1 no. gutter).

To reduce the risk of the gutter over-flowing the stop-end of the gutter and cladding was cut away, the gutter extended outside the building so that it flowed into a hopper box and then into new down-pipe.

To ensure the heater flue was effectively sealed we fitted a new purpose manufactured ‘ski slope’ flashing and a new rubberised pipe flashing.

Repair work to an Office roof in Hailsham East Sussex

Repair work to a Warehouse roof in Hailsham East Sussex

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