Office Roof Repairs in Littlehampton, West Sussex
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Repairs to a Warehouse/Office Roof in Littlehampton, West Sussex

During May 2020, we carried out repairs to a warehouse/office roof in Littlehampton, West Sussex.

Leaks had been occurring were 4 no. vents and 2 no. pipes protruded through the roof surface.

To alleviate this problem we supplied and fitted new purpose manufactured ‘ski slope’ flashings complete with all necessary fixings and sealants.

The new flashings run from the ridge to past the obtrusion, effectively covering the profile of the sheets to prevent water build-up behind the leaking pipes and vents.

New flexible pipe flashings were fitted to the 2 no. pipes.

Roof Repairs to a Office Roof in Littlehampton, West Sussex

Roof Repairs to a Warehouse Roof in Littlehampton, West Sussex

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